View Data and Document History

You can view that history of actions performed on a document (either manually or through a Workflow) in the Document Viewer. Click the click on the History tab, found next to the Fields tab to open the History Pane. (You may also view the history of documents and of Archives from the Search Results in Grid View.) Note that you must have the proper credentials to view document histories.


Each document action entry contains three pieces of information: the action, the username of the person or service that performed the action, and the date/time that the action was performed. If the document is currently in a Workflow (which could make it unavailable for all but viewing to a user), a Workflow progression bar will indicate that status. Even if you do not have View History permissions for the Archive that the document is in, you will still see the GlobalAction Workflow processing message. The message contains the Workflow ID number, to help with tracking the document in Batch Manager.