Open the Document Viewer

To display documents in the GlobalSearch Document Viewer, double-click on a record in the Search Results. You can click anywhere on a row in the Grid View or on the Thumbnail in the Thumbnail View. By default, the document will open on a new tab in your browser. To change that default to opening in the current tab, deselect Always open documents in new tab on the User Settings Search tab.

When in the Search Results Grid View, you can open multiple documents at the same time on multiple browser tabs so that you can view and compare your open documents. Select the records and then click Open Documents in the Actions menu.

The Document Viewer opens to display the first page of a document and the Index Fields. If there are more than one page in the document, you can scroll through the pages or use the previous and next buttons to advance to additional pages. To optimize performance efficiency, the web browser loads the document pages as you scroll through the record.