Document Control and Navigation

Viewing a document in the Document View Area of the Document Viewer or Index Viewer can be adjusted in several ways. Select one or more options from the Viewer toolbar:

  • Document Scaling Use Zoom In and Zoom Out to resize the document image, or use the Width, Page, and Full options in the Fit menu.

  • Document Orientation Choose Left, Right, or Flip from the Rotate menu to change the orientation of the document.

  • Document Position – Select Pan and drag the document to reposition it.

To navigate to another page in the document, select one or more options from the Viewer toolbar:

  • Next Move from one page to the next.

  • Previous Move back a page.

  • Toggle Thumbnail – Open the Thumbnails Pane to select and take action on document pages. To burst pages from a document, the thumbnail viewer must be visible.