Resolved Production Issues

Issue IDSummary
146Content Search without criteria provided returns nothing
7116Enhancement for feedback when clicking workflows from grid when user has no workflows
7174Improve messaging for move call for web
1057Keyword search: hits don't highlight correctly if CS options are checked: Phonics,Stemming...
4447LAN Administration: System options: Unable to set notification options
2015Keyword search only returns all records on each results page
2705Numeric Fields are limited to 10 digit numbers
6904Upgrades: Get existing ssAdministrator password and don't prompt for it
7143Table Field Column Order Incorrect
245Revision archive: keyword and index field search show No document found
2147Keyword + index search: Records per page selection does not re-run search on 0 results page
388Performance issue with large Archives: 200,000+ docs
6740Content Search: Only pages with Keyword hits are able to be displayed after a Content Search is ran
1672Unable to navigate keyword results if more than 50 are returned - archive with Views
126Multi archive content search: Incorrect results after copy file from one archive to another
5942Locked document results in 'No Documents Selected' when unsecured queue users attempts merge
204Default AND operator should be applied among all search criteria
7347Web Search Security incorrectly shows ssAdmin group without search view permission
7149Import D&D inconsistency: gray out dropdown when no csv data loaded yet
3162Wildcard keyword: Highlights are displayed from the last document found for all documents found
7144QBSync throws Object null reference exception when writing Items to MongoDB
3505Thumbnails: selected thumbnail does not clear when a new selection is made - Firefox only
7303Upgrades: ssContentSearch service logon gets reset to Local System
389Archive tab shows 0 Items for keyword search result
7313Field length limit over 50 allowed to be set but errors occur when adding index values of more than 50 characters
4768Replace sometimes needs a Refresh to succeed, reproducible in Edge, Firefox
38Content Search: Multi archive search gives incorrect results
6930Data XChange: Lists values load incorrectly or don't load at all after Data XChange is run
450Tabbed archives allows pagination for <50 search results per tab
115Keyword search: No results found for numbers searching
7245Left Sidebar: Hide Import Scan menu option if GSE Scan feature is OFF
7456Viewer: secondary list value wiped out upon saving a dynamic decimal list in a table
7118Language Localization: Pan is not translated in any language
6985LAN overwrites inbox files when bursting with the same name-no error warning
7222Viewer: 1 decimal digit short for formatted decimal value
7285IE11 specific: fail to save decimal digits in #,###.00 formatted fields
853Content Search: Revision archive documents not returned if an older version is published
2075Incorrect items count for index and keyword search and pagination allowed
7198View tabs: cannot add views to new archive without refreshing/navigating away first
7355Eliminate the need to clear browser cache after upgrade
4011Bursting: 'Delete Page' checkbox is outside popup frame
7403Non IO multiarchive export of doc under GA lock down shows no error and not exported
1060No results found for Keyword and index search if matches are not in first 50 results
7444Installer upgrade for Capture puts PLACEHOLDER value AdminAuthenticationSettings.xml
7321Large archive search does not always return results_SQLTimeout optional parameter
7017Authentication: Domain is not correctly sent in the Authentication header creating issues for specific systems
7113LAN Export Document with CSV should format dates values with year first
7033UK Server Dates values are saved correctly but displayed as random dates in the past 09/04/1915