Launch Documents

While you can view and annotate many different types of documents in the Document Viewer, there are some types that you cannot view (or hear, in the case of audio or video files). You can use the Launch extension in GlobalSearch to view any of your documents and make edits to them in their local applications, saving those changes directly back into GlobalSearch when complete.

You can only use the Launch feature when you have enabled it in the Extensions interface on your client machine, GlobalSearch can communicate with the Extensions tray application, the file type of your document has been mapped so that GlobalSearch knows which program to launch to; and you have the necessary permissions. Also, Launch is unavailable if the document is currently in a Workflow Queue that you do not have permissions to or is currently queued or in process for PDF Conversion.

Launch a Document

  1. With a document open in the Document Viewer, click the Actions menu in the toolbar and select Launch Document.

  2. From your local application, edit, save, and close the launched document. If you do not wish to save the document, simply do not save changes in the native application. If you have saved the changes, those changes will be uploaded to GlobalSearch when the document and/or the local application is closed.

  3. Your GlobalSearch administrator can help you adjust your Launch settings:
    • If you wish to prevent saved changes from being upload, discuss configuring applications to launch in Manual Monitor mode.

    • If you expect you may need to the ability to revert changes made to documents that have been launched, discuss configuring Versioning.

Use Manual Monitor

Specific file types may be configured to Launch in Manual Monitor mode. When launched in this way, the Launch Queue will be displayed alongside the local application. In most cases, the Launch Queue will only display the document that is currently launched out of GlobalSearch. If you have more advanced needs, you do have the ability to launch multiple documents simultaneously out of GlobalSearch. In this case, the Launch Queue will present all documents that have been launched and are awaiting action.

In the Launch Queue interface that appears, select a document and click either Save Changes or Discard Changes. It is important to note that if you do not click Save Changes, edits to your document will not be sent back into GlobalSearch.