Install and Configure QuickBill

If you have the QuickBill optional module from Square 9 and Intuit QuickBooks® installed on your local machine, install QuickBill from the Extensions Manager to connect to QuickBooks.

Install QuickBill

  1. To install or uninstall the module, click the QuickBill Install toggle switch.
    When you click to install, the folder is extracted to the Square9_Apps folder and then the QBFC12_0Installer.exe is run. Once installation is complete, qbXMLRP2.exe is copied to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks (Path is pulled via the registry). From here qbXMLRP2.exe is registered and then security is set in DCOM for the executable.

  2. At the prompt, complete the installation.

  3. To uninstall, click the Install toggle switch again.

    Extensions Manager with QuickBill indicated.

Configure QuickBill Settings

Once you have installed the QuickBill connection to the Extensions Manager with the popular Intuit QuickBooks® program, you do not have to configure any settings from the interface.