Install and Configure Scan

Users can scan documents directly from a desktop TWAIN scanning device into GlobalSearch using the Scan extension. To do so, Scan must be installed and configured on the user's desktop, Scan must be enabled, and a scanner selected. With these requisite steps completed, when a user clicks Scan to Archives, it will communicate with the selected TWAIN-compliant scanner and initiate a scan process.

Note that scanning in this manner does not allow users to route documents through a GlobalCapture workflow. This is a direct capture function that sends documents straight to an Archive.

Install Scan Extension

  1. To install the Scan extension, click the Scan Install toggle switch in the Extensions Manager.

  2. To uninstall, click the Install toggle switch again.

    Extensions Manager with Scan indicated.

Select and Configure Desktop Scanners

  1. Have a locally attached TWAIN scanning device connected and powered up, with the scanner manufacturer’s drivers installed and functioning properly.  
    Most production scanners come with a lightweight scan tool for testing scan functionality.  It is always advisable to test a new scanner using the local manufacturer-provided utility prior to configuring scanning in GlobalSearch.

  2. In the Extensions pane, click Scan.

  3. To select your scanner:

    1. In the Scan interface, click the More Options () icon.

    2. Click Active Scanner ().

    3. In the Select Source dialog box, select the appropriate scanner driver. (You can also open Select Source from the Extensions tray application menu by clicking Select Default Scanner.)

    4. Click Select.

  4. To configure scanner settings and create scan profiles (this is device specific):

    1. In the Scan interface, click the More Options () icon.

    2. Click Scanner Settings.

    3. In the dialog box supplied by your scanner manufacturer, enter the applicable settings. (This may vary, depending upon your scanner, but generally settings include color, resolution, size, etc.)

  5. Click Save.

  6. A reboot may be required for Extensions to recognize newly installed scanner drivers.