Version 5.0 Resolved Production Issues

Issue IDSummary
1753Desktop created signatures are not visible in web Viewer
2004Viewer shows blank page for certain unsupported documents
2299Disable controls if no permissions
2318Related searches don't run and show Notification "Error:" if Table field is present
2545Sign box shows background image from old document
2821Versioning: Viewer shows blank document after 2nd replace with unsupported file
2827Thousand delimiter is not available for {$}, C formatted decimal fields
2924Signature box is not removed if Esc key is hit
3254Table decimal field: Apply format as soon as user clicks away from cell
3285Upper level dropdown list values don't populate correctly
3384Upgrades: Duplicate config entries added to config file
3484Bursting: annotations are not burst with page
3491Bursting: Disable Burst menu for Web-Only Read-Only users
3500Bursting: burst page does not load - specific 150MB tif file
3513Field Validation: required field controls don't show failed validation: MV or non MV
3665Unexpected 2nd rotation is done if user activates thumbnails after rotating 1st
3706Thumbnails get de-synced with viewer at change revision and replace action
3729Automatically fit width after enabling/disabling thumbnails
3807Disable KeyFree button for web-only read-only users
3879Toggle thumbnails: take user to 'License Expired' screen
4167Dropdown List field update not recorded in Document History audit log
4208Copy to the same archive errors for locked down documents
4356Document Parent ID and Document Version shall not appear in Edit Fields
4662Table Fields: Key Free Indexing values entered using field formatting displays error and does not enter value
4716Enhancement Request: Ability to Merge Documents from the GSW viewer
4742Versioning: Update annotation on Versioning files creates "File Replaced" entry in history
5388Desktop Client missing dlls exceptions: Square9.FreeForm.Designer, Square9.GlobalFormsMapper
5395Web Client: Stamp variables @Date, @Time are not supported
5755Allow GlobalAction queue actions to be executed on multiple documents at once
6738Implement a freehand tool for annotations
6786French Canadian OS: slash / date separator is set but dash - displayed instead
7009Error when securing group longer than 50 characters
7291Select Destination Archive form does not truncate long archive names
7322Ctrl+V will trigger indexer in Chrome/Edge/Firefox browser
7353Key Free Indexing: Draw rectangle over special chars: & < > extracts &amp; &gt; &lt;
7426Actions>Email button errors if advanced search is run
7483Search prompt loads very slowly with multiple searches, returns try again error
8572Add the ability to collapse the thumbnailer, with optional default by user setting
8937Memory Leak in high scale API consumers - HOTFIX
8972Viewer: Save before executing GA workflows - HOTFIX
8999US server, UK client: Last Modified System Fields will cause DataTypeMismatch error when saving document - Hotfix
9110TLS 1.2 Support - HOTFIX,,,
9120Enhanced Support for Table Fields on Mobile Devices for Viewer
9150Mongo list binder, which is used for QuickBooks assembly bound lists, is still x86 - HOTFIX
9321Desktop: No TWAIN compatible devices found for Insert/Replace from scan
9324Desktop: Add Row if you press Tab key in the last table cell
9387TLS 1.2 support for DocuSign
9412Desktop Viewer: Authentication error for Insert/Replace from scan
9426Installer: ssAdministrator password containing certain special characters triggers a failure
9431Service console to also set service log on for ssContentSearch and GlobalAction Service
9473GlobalAction wait node adds entries to ssLicenses table
9539Desktop Viewer: tabbing while on table cell crashes app
9638Later added/edited queue actions appear at the end instead of its alphanumerically correct position
9647Installer - SQL script failure is silent
9723Desktop non admin user can gain access to Edit/Delete search through Customize Quick Access Toolbar - HOTFIX
9762Viewer: Fullscreen button does not work in Chrome
9777Archive tree: root archive searches are displayed next to parent archive name
9791Support custom Square 9 User password complexity requirements - HOTFIX
9792Add option to always be able Export as ZIP to grid - HOTFIX
9797Multi archive search only shows first archive if 2 exist with the same name
9801Edit button disabled but still functioning on check in/out archives
9840Viewer does not display annotations on tif files - HOTFIX
9875Unable to login: Token provided does not match the authenticated user or IP Address
9926Install: SSDBUpgrade displays error when performing upgrade after migrating GS to a new SQL instance
9927URL Auth: user is prompted for credentials when accessing authorized URL for direct doc link
9976Select usage of SSL for Extensions connections based on transport protocol
10028Drag and Drop from Outlook into Inbox cuts off first 2 letters of the email subject
10079Extensions Printing with launch enabled may fail due to the default associated application
10085Move Documents Child archive button small target click area
10108Desktop Viewer: Unable to paste clipboard thumbnails images to MS Word
10113Desktop Viewer: Insert/Replace from Scan shift viewer window behind grid - HOTFIX
10122Support X-Forwarded-For header for license ip address consumption and matching
10200Viewer: Entering invalid annotation color value causes document Save Failed error
10246Non ssAdmin user cannot edit nor delete search that she is properly secured to - HOTFIX
510Unable to save Page rotation
565Unable to view attachments of .eml, .msg files
980URL Searching with Special characters not showing results.
1831Note Annotations created in Desktop do not display with a border in Web
1843Document rotation with annotation creates different behavior
1861IE: different file name available for download from the print/email page
1908Signature annotations are in the wrong position if document is rotated before signed.
1992Bad annotation behaviour if security changes and user keeps the same browser session
2005Viewer: Fit Width action resets rotation
2142Improve error messages for not supported eDocs operations
2301Viewer: Unable to add any annotation after signing a document
2369Viewer: Add Scroll bar to Indexer
2491Replace: "Document Data updated" audit log is added if only system fields update
2499Web Versioning: eDocs are transformed into pdfs at revert to previous revision
2502Web Versioning: Sign box shows signature from other version
2539Replace eDoc with pdf/tif: user must refresh before she can sign
2631QuickBooks: Export with required values missing in 2nd table row or lower errors but still exports correctly
2664Web Versioning: After Save, if Revert to a version without annotations occurs annotations are unavailable
2724Web Versioning: Unable to rotate older version
2841PageCount set to 0 for specific 511 MB tif, 73 pages
2920Viewer: allow all supported date separators for MV formatted fields
2931Viewer: Add Next Document button to access search results documents
2941Import: Show mismatch error and do not import file
2946Signature: Pen and drawn line are offset if scroll bars exist
3081Viewer: value 0 does not save for MV formatted decimals
3411Table Field Control should use the name of the field and not static "Table Field"
3430Users without Annotations permissions are able to move annotations if license token is retained
3487Bursting: show import error when selecting destination archive if no add permissions
3526Bursting: Page count system field does not update
3583Thumbnails: Viewer loads different page not selected thumbnail
3590Web Field Validation does not work correctly with Key Free Indexing
3641Import multiple files at once: Index form refreshes after each individual file upload
3651Specific invalid date does not trigger field validation
3726Bursting in Versioning archives: burst on older versions is done on current
3748Key Free does not load page correctly after Replace and Save Changes
3757Field Validation: Decimal formatted $#,###.00 field errors for valid values
3792Bursting with Delete Pages also adds audit entries for annotation and data changes
3865Key Free Mixed page sized documents creates issues on pages with scaling on alternate sized pages
3878Key Free: extracted text is not discarded if user clicks Cancel after an ALT modifier selection
3934Viewer Document History panel does not have a scroll bar
3974Key Free: Releasing Shift Key during Keyfree Indexing does not advance to next Index Field
4212Certain Special Characters do not correctly enable higher level dynamic lists.
4288Table Field Menu items require hovering over words for actions to occur
4617Counter clockwise textbox in edoc gets auto rotated
4706Key Free: If Columns of data are extracted and a list field is available, no values are present past row 2
4732User is allowed to edit annotation on checked in/out documents
4736Burst with Delete Pages on Versioning document increments version twice
4754Key Free: hitting Tab key while on last field does not take user to first index field
4763Key Free: Regular expression matches do not highlight when in a table field
4772Burst creates 0 kb .ssa causing blank viewer for users without annotation permissions
4846Data XChange uses formatted decimal value instead of raw to find matches - specific case
5536Viewer: Specific color PDF interpreted as Black & White
5603Keyfree: left-click replaces the first MV entry instead of appending to the last
5702Viewer History: if GA batch is removed from process, the entry will be replaced by newer runs
5881Keyfree doesn't advance into table field automatically if no supported index fields available
5916Check-in document is editable if Convert Documents to PDF is ON
5985Indexing multiple documents at once: Add setting to keep set index data for next document
6225GC Release to Archive fails with "Error, license expired"
6441Unable to create Square9Users on fresh install of
6940Values with decimals all error in GSW Grid when Server locale is French browser locale is US
7000Viewer: Rotate status message and wheel layout overlap
7068Date format starting with "yyyy" converted to 19xx instead of 20xx in indexer
7213Viewer: invalid input to decimal fields are saved as 0 or NaN
7329Viewer: no rounding on unformatted decimal fields
7343Consistency: automatically refresh grid when adding documents
7354Key Free Notification error not accessible while GSW Indexer is open
7445Viewer: dropdown list behaves as typeahead if user insert row in a table field
7448Cannot turn on KeyFree after exporting from viewer
7488Indexer: unable to navigate pages after burst
8647Enhancement to remove the text layer from S9 unsupported doc format pdf
8799Viewer/Indexer: Fit to Full/Width/Page reset doc to pre-rotate position
8865Viewer: invalid values in formatted decimal fields in a table doesn't trigger validation error upon Save
8883Key Free: after convert to PDF, keyfree extracted words from a shifted location
8920Viewer: Display only icons in document viewer toolbars ON, tooltip not translated
8924Find in File highlights are shifted on documents that have both portrait and landscape pages
8954Web Admin: rename DB to an existing DB name but with different case creates duplicate DBs
9093Viewer: Edit Note Annotation text does not activate Save Changes button
9286Viewer: Do not show Action lockdown warning for queue secured users
9300Viewer shows specific PDF as rotated and distorted
9380Viewer: Required fields with Data XChange populated values show red contour as if empty
9470Viewer: Rotate action is not done correctly on document with different orientation pages
9517Document changes do not account for annotations for user without annotation permissions
9754Incorrect Last Modified system date, 5h ahead
10021Note annotation properties changes does not trigger Save Changes button