Install Client

When a Server Demo or Full Product is installed, it will create a GlobalSearch Client Installation folder. Use this folder to perform installations on client machines. This folder can be shared out from the server, then run over the network.

You can only perform the client installation once the server installation has been completed.

Do Not Use Folder in SSMedia

Do not use the GlobalSearch Client Installation folder found in the SSMedia folder. It is the source of the directory that ends up on the application server, but the files that are written to the directory on the server are updated with install-specific information.

It is recommended that you share out the GlobalSearch Client Installation folder, then navigate to that folder using a UNC path. The following steps will show you the location of this folder and the steps of how to install it from the client. By default, the GlobalSearch Client Installation folder is located at the root of C:\.

GlobalSearch Client Installation Folder


Installation Wizard

To install, you must be on the client machine and logged on as Local Administrator.


  1. Navigate to the GlobalSearch Client Installation folder and select setup.exe.

    GlobalSearch Client Installation

  2. Click Next to start the Installation Wizard.

    GlobalSearch Client Installer


License Agreement

  1. Click Read License Agreement to read the agreement.

  2. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement to accept the terms and then click Next.

    License Agreement


Customer Information

  1. In Customer Information, in the User Name text box, enter the name of the GlobalSearch client end user.

  2. Enter a name in the Organization text box.

  3. Choose either Anyone who uses this computer to install the client for all users or Only for me to install the client only for a single end user in the Install this application group.

  4. Click Next.

    Customer Information


Custom Setup

You can add optional features and change change locations using custom setup. Note that while optional features can be installed, they will not function without the proper license.

These options can be installed after the initial installation: from the workstation, again run \GlobalSearch Client Installation\Setup.exe, located on the app server.


  1. In Setup Type, choose Custom and click Next.

  2. In Custom Setup, select one or more of the options to install. When you click on a feature in the list you will see a description and the amount of hard drive space required for that feature.

    Custom Setup Configuration

  3. To remove a feature from installation, in Custom Setup, click the drop-down to the left of any feature to remove and select This feature will not be available.

    Custom Setup Configuration

  4. To change the installation location of a listed feature from the default, click the name of any feature then click Change. In the Install to text box, either enter the path for the custom installation location or browse to the folder and enter it in the Look In text box.

  5. Type in the path to where the client application will be installed in the Folder Name text box and click OK to save your settings and close the Change Current Destination Folder window.

    Change Current Destination Folder

  6. Click Next.

Install GlobalSearch Client

Once preparation is done, you are ready to install GlobalSearch onto the client machine. When the client installation complete, the GlobalSearch desktop client and GlobalSearch shortcuts will appear on your Windows desktop.


  1. To install the GlobalSearch client, click Install. There will be a pause while the installation is processing.

  2. If necessary, click Back to return to previous windows and make adjustments to the installation.

    Begin Client Installation

  3. Once the installation is finished, in the GlobalSearch Wizard Completed window, click Finish.

    GlobalSearch Client Installation Completed