Export Data to Excel

When you need to perform complex analysis on data or for more complex sorting and grouping capabilities on the data, GlobalSearch offers a fast and efficient means for exporting the data for specified documents in a Search Results Document List to Microsoft Excel®. The  Export to Excel  menu option appears in the Search Results  Actions  menu when you have enabled the IO extension. Before exporting, a target CSV file must exist for the data.  Create a new CSV file in your target location prior to attempting an export.

Note that Export to Excel requires View and Export Data permissions.

  1. Run a Search and select one or more documents.

  2. In the Actions menu, click Export to Excel.

  3. In the Export Data to Excel dialog that appears, enter or browse to the CSV file the data will be exported to in the Filepath text box.

  4. Click Export. A pop-up message appears on the bottom-right corner of your desktop.

  5. When the export is complete, you can click on the message to go to your export location. Excel will open automatically, with the exported data in it.  If Excel is not installed, an error message will indicate it could not be found.