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The  Bulk Update Documents option in the GlobalSearch web client is designed for overwriting data common to multiple documents at the same time. Unlike other operations, Bulk Update does work across all pages of a Search Result, and works across all Archives specified by the search.  When you need a fast way to search and replace data across multiple documents (including document across pages or Archives), Bulk Update Documents is a tremendous time-saver. However, because it can permanently change Index Field values across a large number of documents in multiple Archives, it is only available to administrators and it must be used very thoughtfully. Before running Bulk Update Documents, it is strongly recommended that you first back up your database.

Bulk Update Documents appears in the Administration menu whenever the GlobalSearch Extensions tray application is running and the Bulk Update extension is enabled. Update Documents supports Field Lists and the ability to overwrite System Fields. Note that when updating  Multi-Value Fields with this feature, the single value you enter will replace all  the  previous values in the field. Also note that unlike Update Documents, where records must be selected for update, every record returned in the Search Results will be updated.